Waterjet Brick

The most durable waterjet brick available

DuroBrick™ waterjet brick is the most durable, long lasting waterjet brick available in the marketplace today. Made from a proprietary polypropylene material manufactured specifically for the production of waterjet bricks, DuroBrick waterjet bricks hold up to the rigors of waterjet cutting better than any other brand.

  • DuroPro™ Polypropylene material will not separate like laminated versions, allowing for more cuts and greater savings
  • Easily drains water away from the cutting area, reducing splashback
  • Unique design creates an even, flat cutting surface that prevents smaller parts from falling through the brick
  • DuroPro Polypropylene material reduces cutting noise creating a quieter workspace
  • DuroPro Polypropylene material is 100% recyclable

DuroBrick waterjet bricks are manufactured using the latest CNC equipment. Each brick is inspected under strict quality control procedures to ensure a flat, even cutting surface. This procedure also allows cutting on both sides, thereby increasing the life of the waterjet brick. The tight-tolerance surfaces make an excellent foundation bed for cutting parts from materials such as:


DuroBrick's special design drains water away from the cutting area, while preventing splashback during cutting. Thicker DuroPro material allows DuroBrick to accept more cuts, while retaining the original shape. 12 extra long screws hold DuroBrick together longer during cutting and help increase the life of the product.

DuroBricks are used together to form a foundation bed as needed for any cutting application, both abrasive or straight waterjet cutting.

DuroBrick's unique design allows them to hold up longer and take more cuts than their competition.

Competitor vs DuroBrick

Both waterjet bricks cut at 40,000 PSI

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