Supported File Formats

The OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Suite features the broadest file support in abrasive waterjet software.

The OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Suite features the broadest file support in abrasive waterjet software. From standard 2D DXF files to advanced 3D shapes, Intelli-MAX can import from all major CAD/CAM and artistic drawing programs, allowing you to use your existing workflow.

This list is not complete. Many other additional file formats are supported, but not listed here. In addition, OMAX offers custom programming services, should you have a special need. Contact OMAX if you have questions.

Vector Graphics

File ExtensionProgram
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)LAYOUT
ART image file (.art)LAYOUT
FastCAM (.cam)LAYOUT
Cadkey file (.cdl)LAYOUT
Corel Metafile Exchange (.cmx)LAYOUT
G-Code file (.cnc)LAYOUT
Autodesk Design Web Format (.dwf)LAYOUT
Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)LAYOUT
Hewlett Packard Graphics (.hpg or .hpgl)LAYOUT
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (.iges or .igs)LAYOUT
g-code (.n)LAYOUT
Numerical Control Machine Instructions (g-code)(.nc)LAYOUT
Computer Numeric Control File (g-code)(.ncc)LAYOUT
OMAX Extended Files (.omx)LAYOUT / MAKE / 3D Path editor
OMAX Routed Data (.ord)LAYOUT / MAKE / 3D Path editor
Portable Document Formt (.pdf)LAYOUT
Autodesk (.plt)LAYOUT
G-Code file (.ppg)LAYOUT
Visual Profiler CAM (.prf)LAYOUT
Postscript File (.ps)LAYOUT
AutoCAD Shape File (.shx)LAYOUT
Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)LAYOUT
Text File (.txt) | as g-codeLAYOUT

3D Files

File ExtensionProgram
3D Studio 3D Scene (.3ds)3D Path Editor
3D ACIS Modeler (.asab)Intelli-CAM
3D ACIS Modeler (.asat)Intelli-CAM
A Creo Elements/Pro file (.asm)Intelli-CAM
CATIA V5 (.CATPart)Intelli-CAM
CATIA V5 (.CATProduct)Intelli-CAM
CATIA V4 (.exp)Intelli-CAM
Autodesk Inventor file (.iam)Intelli-CAM
Autodesk Inventor file (.ipt)Intelli-CAM
Quake 2 Player Model (.mc2)3D Path Editor
CATIA V4 (.model)Intelli-CAM
OMAX Project File (.OMAXProj)Intelli-CAM
Solid Edge 3D CAD (.par)Intelli-CAM
Polygon model format (.ply)3D Path Editor
A Creo Elements/Pro file (.prt)Intelli-CAM
A NX Unigraphics file (.prt)Intelli-CAM
Solid Edge 3D CAD (.psm)Intelli-CAM
3D ACIS Modeler (.sab)Intelli-CAM
3D ACIS Modeler (.sat)Intelli-CAM
CATIA V4 (.session)Intelli-CAM
A SolidWorks assembly file (.sldasm)Intelli-CAM
A SolidWorks part file (.sldprt)Intelli-CAM
Half Life Model (.smd)3D Path Editor
Solid Modeling / Prototype file (.stl)3D Path Editor
A STEP file (.stp)Intelli-CAM
A STEP file (.step)Intelli-CAM
Triangular Irregular Network (.tin)3D Path Editor
A VDA-FS file (.vda)Intelli-CAM
Parasolid File (.x_b)Intelli-CAM
Parasolid File (.x_t)Intelli-CAM
Parasolid File (.xmt_bin)Intelli-CAM
Parasolid CAD File (.xmt_txt)Intelli-CAM

Raster Graphics

File ExtensionProgram
(.all)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace
Windows Bitmap (.bmp)Intelli-Trace / Render as Solid / Camera and Intelli-ETCH
Camera Raw (.crw)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Windows Cursor (.cur)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
PC Paintbrush file (.dcx)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
DICOM (.dcm)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Enhanced Windows MetaFile (.emf)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Windows Icon file (.ico)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
JPEG 2000 (.jp2, .j2k)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg or .jpeg)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Personal Computer Exchange (.pcx)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Portable Document Format (.pdf)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace
Portable Network Graphics (.png)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Photoshop Document (.psd)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Pixel Magician image file (.pxm)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Truevision Graphics Adapter (.tga)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Wireless BitmapFile Format (.wbmp)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
Windows MetaFile (.wmf)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH


File ExtensionProgram
Audio Video Interleave File (.avi)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / OMAX Camera / Intelli-ETCH
Batch File (.bat)Custom Reports in MAKE
.btsOMAX compiled BitStream tool path
.htmlCustom Reports in MAKE
Moving Picture Experts Group (.mpg)LAYOUT's Intelli-Trace / Intelli-ETCH
OMAX Script (.OMAXScript)OMAX Scripting Engine
OMAX compatible CNC
(omaxnc, omaxcnc)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)Custom Reports in MAKE
AsciiText file (.txt)Custom Reports in MAKE
Extensible Markup Language (.xml)Custom Reports in MAKE
Compressed archive (.zip)Creates Report for Technical Support

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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