The Intelli-MAX Software Suite features an extensive tool set to streamline production.

The Intelli-MAX Software Suite features an extensive tool set to streamline production. Calculators for stack height and material utilization, pre-configured part generators, array nesting and more all help you get the most from your machine. This is only a small sample of the great many of easy to use but powerful tools available. Please contact OMAX to learn more.

Parametric Shapes Tool

The Parametric shapes command lets you load pre-configured shapes that use equations to machine a shape without having to create the tool path first. For example, if you need to make a 2" washer and a 1" washer, you can skip the steps of starting LAYOUT, creating the tool path, and then loading it into MAKE. Instead, you can just load the washer parametric shape, tell it the diameter of the washer and click on Begin Machining. There are many pre-made parametric shapes for common operations, including advanced pipe and tube cutting, or you can add your own.

Gear, Rack and Sprocket Generator

Quickly and easily create gears, racks and sprockets. Our generator supports internal and external gears, racks, sprockets, in both U.S. and metric standards. Resulting geometry can, of course, then be further edited using LAYOUT’s CAD tools to combine with other shapes.

Flange and Bolt Circle Tool

Simply create flanges or bolt circles with an easy-to-use interface. Specify the outer and inner diameters of the flange, then the size and number of bolt holes. The tool automatically updates the preview drawing as you make changes, providing instant feedback on your flange tool path.


Used to engrave patterns, logos or artwork into metal or other materials.

  • Input is a bitmap (jpeg, bmp, png, etc.) where brightness corresponds to cutting depths.
  • The OMAX Controller varies speeds to etch the desired pattern.
  • Optional "mask color" can be set to etch non-rectangular areas.
  • While this is not a precision operation, it is useful for artistic purposes.
  • This is in addition to other standard etching and scribing tools.

Advanced Automatic Pathing Tools

For most parts, creating a tool path is simply a matter of running the automatic tool path planner. In seconds, sophisticated tool paths can be generated automatically for you. The automatic tool pather has the smarts built in to:

  • Avoid nozzle collisions by routing away from previously cut areas
  • Minimize traversing
  • Cut internal features prior to cutting external features
  • Path to a single part, or a complete nest of parts
  • Automatically path cutting areas as well as etching, scribing, and slits
  • Avoid placing pierce points in sensitive areas

It is also user-configurable, to path based on your preferences.

Manual Pathing Tools

If you care to have more control, there is also a complete set of manual pathing tools, including:

  • Draw lead command
  • Draw lead with connecting traverses command (makes it easy to quickly make a complete tool path manually, or make changes to an existing path, etc., by just clicking on each feature to cut in the sequence you desire.)
  • Move lead (useful to adjust an existing lead without having to redraw it.)
  • Swap lead direction (Swap your lead in for your lead out, to quickly swap cutting direction.)
  • Create Tab (used to hold a feature in place after it has been cut, like the pieces of a model airplane)
  • Create bridge (Used to tab two parts together with a common uncut bridge between them.)

You can also simply draw your tool path completely by hand, since with the OMAX software, leads and traverses are simply lines and arcs, just like any other CAD geometry, and all the CAD tools work on them just like they would for any other piece of your drawing. Once a path is created, of course, there are additional tools available to automatically detect and correct common mistakes.

Multiple Preview Options

Throughout the LAYOUT and MAKE process, there are many opportunities to preview, validate and simulate part cutting before you hit "begin." This makes it easy to identify and correct for potential problems offline, or at the controller, including slow areas of cutting, tool offset conflicts and potential collisions. There is even a "Check for problems" preview that automatically identifies and in some cases even corrects common drawing mistakes.

Another use for previewing is to see what the final part might look like. After generating the tool path, you can view the path as a solid. This command will render the tool path as a solid image to approximate what the part will look like when it is made. This is useful for:

Showing a customer what their part will look like.

Checking for potential problems in the tool path, which may appear in the preview.

Percent Utilization Calculator

The useful Percent Utilization Calculator calculates how efficiently your tool path utilizes the material. Available in both LAYOUT and MAKE, the Percent Utilization Calculator helps determine the part utilization and scrap so you can maximize material usage.

Stack Height Calculator

The Stack Height Calculator determines what the optimum number of pieces of material is for the current part and material. The optimum number is what will provide the most parts in the least time.

G-code Parser

This parser allows your OMAX or MAXIEM machine to use G-code that is generated either manually or by CAM programs and thus allows traditional G-code programming when it is useful.

Array Nesting

LAYOUT and MAKE both provide an Array Nesting tool that can be used for making large tool paths containing many parts. This tool has an automatic mode that picks part spacing and rotation, as well as manual tools for making adjustments if necessary, or for full manual control.

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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