Predictive and Preventative Monitoring

The integrated monitoring tools of the Intelli-MAX Software Suite keep you connected to your machine to maximize your production.

The integrated monitoring tools of the Intelli-MAX Software Suite keep you connected to your machine to maximize your production. From advanced predictive system monitoring to video-based remote monitoring tools, Intelli-MAX gives you extensive knowledge on the state of your system.

Intelli-VISOR System Monitoring

The Intelli-VISOR® System Monitoring Package runs on the OMAX PC controller as a system application in tandem with MAKE to offer additional machine feedback and allow you to set alerts and pauses. Intelli-VISOR provides a common interface for monitoring various sources and accommodates new monitoring packages and accessories on the fly, no updates required.

The software contains a list of watch parameters called modules which process inputs and can optionally store limit thresholds (e.g. low warning, low error, high warning, high error). For each of these limits, automated alert messages can be configured to show on-screen, log to a file, or send via email or mobile SMS (requires Internet connection on machine).


MTConnect is an AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) communication standard that allows various automated machine tools to output data in a common format that enables third-party programs or agents to pick up and present the data in a manner meaningful to the user. All new OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining Centers feature an “adapter” that processes messages the machine generates and converts these messages into useful data for designated third-party applications or agents.

OMAX Watcher

OMAX Watcher is a program that allows remote video monitoring of the OMAX or MAXIEM machine's status. This means you can be at a computer in a different room or in a different building and still see what the machine is doing.

This feature can be used to:

  • Check if the machine is busy before going to make a part (also find out how much longer the current part will take, which helps you plan).
  • Monitor the making of a part when not in the room.
  • Check the status of several OMAX machines, ensuring things are running smoothly.
  • Pause the machine from your office computer.

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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