Experience our virtual trade shows from the comfort of your own home.

Trade shows are a great resource for keeping up with industry trends, seeing emerging technology in person and accessing possible solutions for your company’s needs. However, sometimes busy schedules, travel costs or other factors make visiting a trade show impractical. It’s for that reason, OMAX hosts a series of events outlining current and upcoming waterjet technologies. Sign up for one of the upcoming virtual trade shows below.
Waterjet Compared - Virtual Show - Watch the recorded event on demand by clicking below.

Join OMAX in the latest virtual trade show to see how waterjet stacks up against traditional cutting methods. See firsthand how cutting complex geometric shapes in a variety of materials makes OMAX waterjets a superior option over single-use tools. Learn how to revamp your shop processes to take on more work, fabricate more parts, and complete more jobs. When: Looks like this event passed by. Don't worry we got you covered.

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