OMAX 80X Series

The OMAX 80X JetMachining Center series are bridge-style waterjet machines.

The OMAX 80X JetMachining Center series are bridge-style waterjet machines. All 80X models are delivered with the durable, factory-aligned OMAX MAXJET®5i Nozzle and a Bulk Abrasive Delivery System. They also feature Intelli-TRAX®, the high-precision linear drive technology designed exclusively for the abrasive waterjet environment. This robust and reliable system requires little maintenance and maximizes both machine time and profit margins. The OMAX 80X is ideal for cutting larger or multiple part projects. The 80X offers two additional extended table sizes with the 80X-1 or 80X-2.


Footprint * – (L x W)6,731 mm x 3,861 mm
Height **3,658 mm
Weight (tank empty)4,082 kg
X-Y Cutting Envelope ***4,064 mm x 2,032 mm
Z-Axis Travel ***203 mm
Table Size – (L x W)4,572 mm x 2,261 mm
Speed4,572 mm/min
Linear Positional Accuracy±0.0254 mm
Repeatability±0.0254 mm

*    Footprint includes controller but not the pump.

**  With standard whip plumbing. Optional scissor plumbing reduces the height.

*** Additional accessories may reduce travel.

OMAX 80X JetMachining Center

X-Y cutting travel4,064 mm x 2,032 mm
Footprint (with controller)6,731 mm x 3,861 mm

OMAX 80X-1 JetMachining Center

X-Y cutting travel6,096 mm x 2,032 mm
Footprint (with controller)8,559 mm x 3,861 mm

OMAX 80X-2 JetMachining Center

X-Y cutting travel8,128 mm x 2,032 mm
Footprint (with controller)10,668 mm x 4,579 mm
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