OMAX Compatible Program

The program connects customers with third-party vendors.

The program connects customers with third-party vendors. It also encourages these vendors to write software that improves the productivity of OMAX customers and machines.

OMAX Compatible Partners

The purpose of the OMAX Compatible Logo program encourages third-party vendors to write software that improves the productivity of OMAX customers and machines.

OMAX is also available to assist in post processor writing for your favorite CAM.

Note: The above lists vendors that have gone above and beyond to work directly with OMAX to develop their products with the needs of the OMAX customer in mind. In addition to the above, OMAX and MAXIEM systems are compatible with nearly every 3rd party CAD CAM vendor out there. Many of them have already written posts to output to the OMAX. Contact OMAX or your CAM vendor for status updates on your preferred system.


OMAX software has many hooks in which third parties can interface. The most common third party interface is through a post processor, which outputs to an OMAX tool path file. We are happy to help you with support, documentation, samples and more. Additional third party support features include:

  • Creating post processors to generate OMAX Tool Paths
  • Launching the OMAX software from third party applications
  • Automatic report generation
  • Running OMAX Motions from another piece of software
  • Communicating with OMAX MAKE via a shared file
  • Communicating with OMAX MAKE via Windows Messaging
  • Support for the MTConnect standard
  • Creating OMAX bitstream files for infinite control of custom tool paths, including path recording and “teach” modes
  • Other internal or external OMAX software options
  • Scripting support to extend or interface with OMAX software

Becoming OMAX Compatible

If you are a software vendor that would like to be part of the OMAX Compatible Program, or if you have questions about the OMAX Compatible Program, please email

OMAX charges no fee to the vendor and provides support on OMAX file formats and other questions to the vendor at no charge. At times, OMAX may assist customers in interacting with vendors (e.g. post processor development). In this case, OMAX provides all such support to both the vendor and the customer for free. Of course, the vendor may charge the customer for its products or services.

If OMAX determines that the software is of potential use to OMAX customers and is compatible with the OMAX software, then OMAX may grant the developer permission to use the OMAX Compatible Program logo. In addition, OMAX may list the vendor on this website, and possibly other locations.


When evaluating third party software, OMAX is primarily concerned with the utility from the OMAX customer’s point of view. OMAX does not, however, in any way endorse the third party software, or guarantee it to work, be compatible, be of any level of quality or otherwise be an effective solution for the customer. Testing is limited to basic sanity checks at the time of submission, and in no way is intended to replace careful evaluation by the customer. OMAX reserves the right to allow or deny the use of the OMAX logo at OMAX’s sole discretion, and at any time.

OMAX may also list and recommend third party software products that are not part of the OMAX Compatible Program. In these cases, the logo is not displayed, indicating that insufficient testing has been done by OMAX to warrant the inclusion of the logo.

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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