The MAXIEM 1515 delivers high performance in a compact package.

The MAXIEM 1515 delivers high performance in a compact package. With an ample cutting area that easily fits up to 5’ x 5’ (1.5 m x 1.5 m) material stock, the 1515 is an excellent fit for fabrication and job shops. The highly efficient MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump delivers the highest nozzle horsepower in the industry for faster, more efficient cutting. The advanced Windows® 8 controller features a large 23” (584 mm) screen for easy viewing of part files and tool paths and comes with the powerful Intelli-MAX® Software Suite ready to use.


X-Y Cutting Travel*5’2” x 5’2” (1,575 mm x 1,575 mm)
Table Size*
7’4” x 5’8” (2,248 mm x 1,740 mm)
Footprint (without controller)
9’3” x 10’10” (2,819 mm x 3,302 mm)
Weight (tank empty)
3,000 lb (1,361 kg)
Operating Weight (with water in tank)
10,500 lb (4,763 kg)
Height (with whip plumbing)
10’6” (3,200 mm)
12,700 mm/min
Linear Positional Accuracy ±0.0762 mm
±0.1270 mm

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* Footprint includes controller but not the pump.

** With standard whip plumbing. Optional scissor plumbing reduces the height.

*** Additional accessories may reduce travel.

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