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OMAX® Secures $2-Million+ Order From The U.S. Government

Kent, Washington, January 13th, 2011— OMAX Corporation has booked a $2-million-plus order from the U.S. Government for several of the company's JetMachining® Centers. The order, which spanned the fourth quarter of 2010, involved several standard and two customized OMAX model machines for shipment to various branches of the U.S. Government.

All branches of the Department of Defense were represented, including NASA, The Military Academy at West Point, and The Naval Academy at Annapolis. Two customized OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting systems are slated for NASA and an Army arsenal.

For NASA, OMAX engineers modified a machine's Z-axis height to meet a specific project's requirements. The abrasive waterjet machine for the Army arsenal was custom designed to include a DualBRIDGE system, four waterjet heads, and quad pumps.

OMAX has been supplying equipment to the U.S. Government since 1997. And with over 40 machines located in various facilities worldwide, the U.S. Air Force is one of the company's largest customers. Other Government branches using OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting systems include the U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, USDA, FAA, and NIST. And most countrywide NASA facilities house at least one OMAX abrasive waterjet machine.

The strong relationship with the U.S. Government grew from the partnership OMAX has built with Phillips Corporation — Federal Division. Since 1948, Phillips Corporation — Federal has sold metalworking and manufacturing solutions to the U.S. Government and its related agencies, exclusively. Operating as a niche government contractor, OMAX's expertise and relationship with the Government enabled the company to secure and install over 50 waterjet machines inside the U.S. Military.

Most of the U.S. Government's OMAX machines are used for upkeep of legacy equipment. The machines cut metal and aircraft aluminum for airframe maintenance, titanium for artillery, and plating for U.S. Army transport vehicles.
"What we've learned from attending numerous Department of Defense maintenance conferences and seminars is that the U.S. Government is stressing a need for legacy equipment upkeep. This message is especially emphasized to military branch metals technicians, who rely on OMAX abrasive waterjet systems to carry out that initiative," said Steve Brown, OMAX's major account manager for government, college, and university customers.

According to Brown, the U.S. Government gravitates toward OMAX abrasive waterjet machines mainly because of the company's Intelli-MAX® control software, which is extremely quick and easy to learn and operate. Additionally, waterjet cutting conserves raw material, as compared to conventional machine tools that turn raw part material into chips during the cutting process.

OMAX Wins $3.75 Million GSA Order from the United States Air Force

Kent, Washington, January 14, 2009 — OMAX Corporation, the industry leader in abrasive waterjet machining, is pleased to announce the sale of 16 units of its 55100 JetMachining Center to the United States Air Force. The sale, estimated at $3.75 million, was completed in partnership with Phillips Corporation — Federal Division, OMAX's distributor exclusively dedicated to providing manufacturing machinery and solutions to federal government. The Air Force selected waterjet technology over conventional machining methods after an evaluation revealed a variety of advantages, including:

20% waste reduction
Up to 80% reduction in production time
60% reduction in tooling expense
Increased operator safety
The 55100 JetMachining Center was chosen for its ability to meet the Air Force's specifications for performance, accuracy and reliability. Designed to machine large parts, the 55100 accommodates sheets of material up to 5 feet x 10 feet and can cut complex flat parts from a wide variety of materials used in high precision machining. 15 of the 16 machines will be operated in the continental United States. OMAX is committed to developing cutting-edge technology and innovative software to ensure each customer enjoys the benefits of the industry's best abrasive waterjet machines and accessories. As a result, each OMAX product comes with the OMAX Technology Guarantee, which provides software upgrades for all existing customers at no additional charge.


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