Material Holding Kit

Secure material in place as you accurately cut parts on your abrasive waterjet.

Designed specifically for your machine size, each Material Holding Kit includes track assemblies and vertical load clamping arms. The kit mounts into the waterjet slat bed with two X-axis tracks, two Y-axis tracks, and four short vertical load clamps.

Benefits & Features

  • Each kit is customized to fit your specific OMAX JetMachining Center
  • Clamps apply pressure to hold stock in place
  • Easy to adjust vertical load clamps can be positioned anywhere on tracks
  • Y-axis tracks can be placed in infinite locations along the X-axis tracks
  • Track components are made from anodized aluminum
  • Prevents unwanted work piece movement and scrapped parts
  • No machine modifications required
  • Reduces material setup time
  • Expandable design can incorporate additional clamps or Y-axis tracks
  • Track components are built for long life in abrasive waterjet environment
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